A Guys Guide to SkinCare

Good news: razor bumps, razor burn and beard acne are all, more often than not, preventable. The trick? Abiding by a few simple grooming commandments that prevent razor bumps and beard acne from wreaking havoc on your face. Read on as we lay out your grooming game plan and help you build a better arsenal. No high-maintenance methods necessary.

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

You know the story: You go in for a nice clean shave and come out the other side with a blotchy red face full of razor bumps instead. One small misstep in your shaving regimen, and razor bumps will find a way to strike. The best way to deal with razor burn and razor bumps is to take measures to prevent them from forming. Start with a clean face and a sharp razor. Open pores and a sharp blade are key to getting a close, painless shave. Once, you’re ready to roll, meet the hero of your new shaving regimen: MVRCK® Blade Slip. Infused with barley seed, which helps reduce the appearance of razor bumps, and macadamia seed oil to soften skin and hair for a closer shave, our award-winning Blade Slip will help you get ahead of razor bumps. Prep your face with Blade Slip (layer with our Shave Cream if you want an even smoother shave), and carefully shave with the grain of your facial hair, for smooth fuss-free results.

Already afflicted with razor bumps? Grab our MVRCK Cooling Aftershave and Skin Tonic, our go-to products for reliable razor bump treatment. Both our Cooling Aftershave and Skin Tonic are formulated with antioxidant-rich barley seed extract, which helps reduce the appearance of razor bumps.

How to Prevent Beard Acne

What’s hiding behind your facial hair? If you’re forgetting to cleanse the skin behind a beard, probably a lot more than you want to know. Beard pimples, beard zits, man acne: call it what you want. Acne affects everyone. The best way to stop acne, is to keep your face clean and be mindful of how oily your skin naturally is. From dead skin to leftover beard product (and even, let’s be honest, leftover lunch), a lot can get left behind in your beard. So, be kind and wash your beard and the skin underneath, as you would the rest of your face—twice a day, morning and night, every day.

Do you have oily skin or are you more prone to acne than the average guy? Then, be extra mindful of the products you use to tame your facial hair. Too much oil often leads to unwanted acne, so you’ll want to pick up a product, like MVRCK Beard Oil, that offers a lighter styling option than a rich lotion. Don’t let the name fool you: Without over-saturating your face, our lightweight Beard Oil will keep your skin hydrated and your beard looking on point, as it features a hydrating blend of ingredients, like shea butter, sunflower seed oil, that help soften facial hair.

A Fix for Dry Skin

On the flip side, maybe the skin beneath your beard is feeling dry and neglected. Plainly put, dry skin seeks moisture. So, you’ll want to add MVRCK Skin + Beard Lotion, one of the best face lotions for men with facial hair to your grooming arsenal. With its rich, conditioning formula featuring barley seed extract, our Skin + Beard Lotion is designed to deliver hydration to the oft neglected skin underneath your beard or stubble. Use it daily and layer it with our Beard Oil for added hydration.

And, if dry post-shave conditions are what you’re trying to remedy, grab our award-winning MVRCK Cooling Aftershave. Winner of AskMen.com’s 2018 Grooming Award for Best Aftershave Gel, this soothing barley seed extract-infused formula leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated, with a cool finish.